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TheGreenest.Net is now the blog for, providing loans for urban farms, and FarmCity.US, exploring cultural dimensions of urban agriculture that stimulate social and economic change.

Derek Denckla launched TheGreenest.Net on October 20, 2009 as part of Capital B, a project of the Rockefeller New York City Innovation Fund.  The Greenest explores superlative ideas for a more sustainable future.  In 2009, I will focus on transformative ideas and best practices in urban agriculture with an eye to stimulating growth of local economies and bringing about positive environmental change.

My background involves work on housing justice, community lawyering, green buildings and neighborhood sustainability. An example of my recent work is developingGreenbelt Condominium the first LEED Gold certified building in Brooklyn, NY providing affordable space to the local arts community.  My company, Propeller Group, seeks sustainable venture projects that enlist private investment to fulfill community needs.

Capital B is an acronym for Coalition of Art & Performance Initiatives Towards A Livable Bushwick. It is a project that aims to create broad neighborhood networks spurred on by cultural producers that would help increase sustainable communty economic development.

As part of a working group within Capital B, I suggested that the community draft a form agreement to access and utilize underused land and rooftops for local agricultural use. In order to research the attributes for such an agreement, I wanted to understand the needs and wants of the users. I realized the best way for me to obtain this understanding was to explore best practices in urban agriculture. I launched The Greenest project to post my research in real time and explore other great ideas in sustainable urban agriculture.

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