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Diflucan For Sale

Posted: April 19th, 2010 | Author: Propecia Drugstore Com

Nizoral Drugstore LipstickLast night, I attended a fundraiser for Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.  I started out skeptical and left impressed.

Senator Gillibrand’s big challenge will be to show the voters that she should be elected despite being appointed under the cloud of Governor David Patterson, whose judgment has not been so highly esteemed.  (As an aside, many government reform advocates thought that Governor Patterson should have called a special election rather than make an interim appointment. Better luck next time. . . .).

Senator Gillibrand did not give a long stump speech.  She introduced herself and immediately asked for questions.  She answered everyone in a personal and direct manner with no hint of a bogus politicking tone.  On each answer, Senator Gillibrand was quick, smart and well-informed.

I had the honor of posing the last question of the event:

“People are deeply concerned about energy independence and our dwindling energy resources.  However, the energy problem is dwarfed when compared to the rapid depletion of our nation’s soil resources.

For the last fifty years, big agriculture’s modes of production have been destroying our country’s richest resource with the support of subsidies from the federal government.

Agriculture is one of America’s largest exports.  So the health of the soil is linked to the well-being of the country’s economy.

Accordingly, as a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, what do you think needs to be done to change government priorities in the 2012 Farm Bill to address this impending crisis for American soil?”

Here is Senator Gillibrand’s answer to me:

We need to end crop subsidies now.  They are destructive, unfair and create more harm than good.

The reality is that we will have to phase out the subsidies to ween the agribusiness off of this outdated system.

On the positive side, we need to provide support for small, sustainable farmers and programs that encourage organic farming.  I sponsored legislation that would have given farmer’s $20,000 per year to help them move towards organic certification and farming practices.

Supporting this type of positive alternative will create change and move us away from the huge commodity crops that distort the market.  It is also up to us to demand food from small farms.  I am not saying that Congress does not play an important role in changing the law.  However, consumer demand is and always will be the real route to change.

Now, I am not a big fan of big candidate politics. Like our current President, I think change is made one conversation at a time at the grassroots.

Regardless of the weight that we give to federal officials, we all have a responsibility to exercise our votes for elected officials with care.  Hence, I now feel a whole lot better knowing that I will be able to cast my vote for one candidate for the Senate who knows one very decent answer to the question that I posed above.

Now, you will note that Senator Gillibrand did not expressly acknowledge my premise that American soil is our Nation’s largest and most precious natural resource under pressure from the practices of agribusiness.  However, Senator Gillibrand did connect my question about depleted soil with the solution of ending crop subsidies.  To me, that’s a step in the right direction for the debate.

As Will Allen (a hero of mine and founder of Growing Power  in Milwaukee, WI) said to me last week when I met him for the first time : “It’s all about the soil, the soil, the soil.”  It’s up to all of us to drive home that point whenever we can.

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